Organized Business: Mobile Apps That Make A Founder's Life EasyAs a small business owner, be sure to have the best tools on hand to streamline and manage the potential chaos at any given moment.
Photography Studio Owner Transforms Business With Powerful Human Resources ElementJenny Taylor Boudoir Photography Founder Jenny Taylor shares how mentors can become a lifeline when running a business.
4 Invaluable Tools To Help Manage A Proper Escape From The OfficeUse these digital tools to make managing your small business while traveling more efficient and secure.
Searching For Great Online Tools? 5 Apps That Will Give Your Company An EdgeBrush up on new tools and established tools that are effective to optimize your small business.
How Tech Can Offer Small Businesses The Tools To Match The Services Of Larger CompaniesRevel CEO Lisa Falzone helped create an integrated POS system allowing small businesses to improve the customer experience.
Entrepreneur Develops Creative App Out Of Personal Necessity & Impacts The Music IndustryWurrly Founder Nadine Levitt talks about what inspired her to develop the app and its use in the modern music industry.
Simple App Helps NYC Florist Boost Marketing Efforts With Platform To Show Off Personality & SkillsCity Girl Flower Owner Jill Gaynor uses video marketing through social media to drive brand and generate interest in services.
Revolutionizing Selfies: Providing Virtual Tools To Clients Help Put Company On the MapPerfect Corp. SVP of Global Marketing Richard Carriere shares how their apps bring something different to the table.
Creative Workplace: Technology Creates Virtual Private Offices In Open Office EnvironmentTheSquareFoot employed a messaging app to facilitate communication in their own busy office space.
Keeping It Together: 4 Apps To Help You Get Your Company & Yourself Conveniently OrganizedTry these helpful apps to keep your small business running smoothly.
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Product Development: Improve Your Company's Efficiency With These Valuable Tech ToolsTechnology can help your small business with communications and your product development process.

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